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Tree Removal

The safe removal of diseased or obstructive trees. Our tree surgeons are highly skilled and experienced in the dismantling of dangerous trees in close proximity to buildings, roads or power lines. 

Tree Pruning

To maintain a healthy tree it requires regular maintenance and pruning. The shape of the tree can be modified to benefit the structural integrity, removing the risk of broken limbs or falling branches.

Crown Reduction

The reduction in height and/or spread of a tree's crown. This is used to reduce mechanical stress on individual branches or the entire tree. This can make the tree more suited to its environment and drastically minimize the effects of shading or light loss.

Crown Lifting

The removal of lower branches and preparation of lower branches for future removal. Lifting the location of the crown improves the shape and strength of the tree. Common reasons for crown lifting are to increase light and provide access for traffic in urban spaces.


The removal of dead limbs that are vulnerable or ready to fall. If ignored, this can affect the overall health of the tree as rot can spread to healthy areas. This can lead to future fungus issues, rendering the tree beyond any help. 

Crown Thinning

The selective removal of secondary branches to increase natural light and air penetration to a tree. This reduces structural strain and prevents damage and disease. This method ensures older trees continue to flourish.  


A radical method of pruning that ensures trees and shrubs remain smaller than they would grow naturally. The top branches of the tree are removed to spur the regrowth of more branches. Effective for controlling the shape of the tree in urban environments. 

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps present a problem as they can block access and prevent the re-planting of land. Deep rooted stumps can only be removed by specialist equipment. We grind the stump to ensure there is no re-growth so plans can be made for the land. 

Hedge Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

We can transform your overgrown hedges! Regular hedge care encourages dense foliage and healthy growth. This increases shade, privacy and decorative looks. We also specialise in hedge reductions and removals.


Also known as landscape maintenance, this encircles the art of keeping a garden healthy, clean, safe and attractive to the eye. Contact us with your garden enquiry to see if we can help you. 

Log Sales

All wood removed during our operations is recycled. Logs can be purchased from us to be used for various purposes.

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